Welcome Back to Uni: Re-O week, Euthanasia lecture, and much more with LifeChoice Sydney.

Dear members,

Welcome back to semester two everyone! We hope you’ve all had a refreshing and invigorating break and that everyone is ready to get stuck back into their studies as always. Notably, this is the first full semester beginning with us as an established society so there are plenty of upcoming events with LifeChoice to keep an eye out for as we’re really hoping to make our first semester a great one.

To kick start things we have the Re-O Week stall on Wednesday from 10am til 4pm which will be opposite the Carslaw building on Eastern Avenue. Make sure you get along to have a look and bring a few friends to meet and greet. There’ll be plenty of other interesting stalls about as well, so be sure to make the most of Re-O week!

Also, our first social event is around the corner so keep an eye out for the new member’s drinks night. This will be held at the Isabel Fidler Room, Manning, on Thursday, August 2, at 4PM onwards. What better way to start the semester? The night is sure to be a great chance to catch up with everyone and give a warm welcome to LifeChoice’s newest members.

On the more thought-provoking side of things, we have our first speaker event in week 2. Dr. John Obied is the Senior Staff Specialist in Geriatric Medicine and Stroke at Blacktown Hospital, and will be delivering a lecture called Euthanasia in Australia: Putting People out of OUR Misery? at Carslw 173, Thursday, August 9, at 5PM. Free pizza and drinks to follow. All welcome!

The lecture will be looking at what exactly euthanasia is, its ethics, and its impact on society and medical system. This will be an exciting opportunity to engage with the ethics of euthanasia and the medical discourse surrounding this issue.

Lastly, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the club website! It’s looking very sharp at the moment and there are plenty of interesting video resources, relevant news articles and a link to the ever exciting Facebook page. Make sure you check out what’s latest on the blog which is looking to be a big project this first semester, making sure we have a steady stream of interesting and relevant articles for you all to engage with.

That’s all for now! Enjoy your first week back at uni and we’ll see you at some stage on Wednesday and the weeks to follow!

Best wishes,

Rebecca Elias
President, LifeChoice Sydney

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