WA Government to Introduce Censorship Zones Around Abortion Facilities

In a statement today, the Western Australia government has announced it will soon introduce legislation to make it illegal to offer help to a woman entering an abortion facility.

For decades, pro-lifers have stood outside abortion facilities in WA peacefully offering help and alternative options to thousands of women and their children.

The proposed bill would make it illegal for pro-lifers to offer assistance to these women, even if the women were being visibly coerced into the abortion facility. People praying outside abortion facilities, both verbally and silently would also be banned.

Director of LifeChoice Australia Rebecca Gosper said, “If I wore a pro-life t-shirt and unknowingly walked through an exclusion zone I could be arrested and jailed under the New South Wales legislation, even if I had no intention of speaking to anyone, or didn’t know I was near an abortion facility. This is bad legislation and I hope that the politicians in Western Australia wake up to the reality of what they are truly proposing.”

The proposed bill is dangerous for women and shuts down free speech.

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