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Food for thought – First discussion lunch August 30 + the blog.

Hello members,

The semester is certainly ticking by very quickly as we are almost half way through! Welcome to week five – this is going to be a big week for LifeChoice with our first discussion lunch on Thursday.

Take out your pens (or phones) and put this event in your calendar! THIS Thursday, August 30 at the Holme Reading Room is our very first Members lunch. We will be having a casual discussion about what the club is about and our goals for the rest of the semester. It would be great to see you all there so we can hear everyone’s views about where they would like to see the club going. It’ll be a great chance to get all of our members together, so bring a friend (or two) and come and share your ideas. And if you aren’t already sold, there will be snacks provided. So don’t miss out!

Now put your pens (or phones) away and turn your attention to the blog. We have so much new material up there that that it’s almost hard to keep! You don’t want to miss out- it’s updated daily. So in case you’ve missed the past few posts, here is a bit of a taste of some of my favourites:

Liz talks about a study that has shown that abortion has a more negative parenting impact than pregnancy loss. This is worth a read for those who want to know more about how abortion can affect the woman considering as the debate is centred mostly around the effects to the child.

Charlie has written an excellent post where he  attempts to get down to the true core of the abortion debate.

On the otherside of the ditch, Ronnie considers the prospect of a possible genocide of Down Syndrome people, with New Zealand proposing screening for the Down Syndrome gene which essentially is a government-funded eugenics programme.

Fresh up is Laurence’s take on Peter Singer at ABC’s Q&A two weeks ago, which was attended by several LifeChoice members. These posts are all very interesting and worth a few minutes of your time to consider different perspectives on some very important issues.

So I hope you have an excellent week and I hope to see you all on Thursday.

Best wishes,

Rebecca Elias
President, LifeChoice Sydney

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