Club Update: Welcome new members, and ‘Euthanasia in Australia’ with Dr. John Obeid

Dear members,

Well the semester is in full swing now and it’s been a really great start for the club. The Re-O Week stall was a real success with many new faces joining our numbers. Welcome to all those people who signed up last week! We look forward to getting to know you over the course of the semester and beyond.

Special thanks should be mentioned for all those who helped make the stall and Re-O Day a success. We were never short on volunteers and in fact were often over staffed! That’s a great sign of the enthusiasm we need to make this semester a fantastic one. Our friends from Triple J’s The Hack chilled with us in the afternoon, and we had a great talk about the club and what makes our members tick. Check out the program here (aired last wednesday) to listen to the interview between myself and Anabel Osborne, our SRC Women’s Rights Officer. You can also hear some thoughts and perspectives from some of our new members who signed-up during the day!

O-Week and ReO Day are awesome opportunities for us to promote our views on the issues of abortion and euthanasia. What I’ve always loved about uni life is the fact that we can have candid and open discussions with students from an enormous spectrum of ethical viewpoints. This is one of the most rewarding parts of my job as President, not only offering an opinion, but in turn being challenged myself- such as in one instance when one female student told us her negative experiences around her adoption as a child. Her biological mother chose to give her up for adoption, thereby giving her a chance in life, but we shouldn’t think that adoption (for mother or child) is a easy option. Instead it needs ito be treated with immense sensitivity, and continuous support. ‘Prolife’ doesn’t stop at birth or the adoption agency. This discussion was a great chance to think about the positives and negatives of the different alternatives there are to abortion. It’s a topic we would like to address in our club activities very soon.

On another note, the drinks night on Thursday evening also went really well. We had a good turn out and there was a great vibe and plenty of discussion! Some of our new members were also there, providing an excellent contribution to our young club.

Looking forward, we’ve got our first speaker event this week on Thursday, August 9 at 5pm which is going to be very interesting. Dr. John Obeid – consultant geriatrician and stroke specialist who does a lot of work with elderly patients – will be giving a lecture on the issue of Euthanasia in AUstralia, what it is and its important ethical dimensions. This is a great opportunity to get your head around this issue.

With an ageing population in Australia, the issue of euthanasia will only become more prevalent in our society, so it is important to consider how we should approach this and to really inform the public debate on this topic. So make sure you get along and bring a few friends! There will be a Q&A session (so bring along your gritty questions) and free drink and pizza afterwards so there’s no reason not to be there! RSVP on the event page

Finally, have you seen our blog? With the start of semester, we will be having plenty of original content and articles of national and international interest. There are also plenty of tasty tid bits on the club website. As someone said, information (or was it knowledge?) is power! Thanks again everyone for a great start to the semester and we’ll see you soon!

Best wishes,

Rebecca Elias,
President, LifeChoice Sydney

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