UK Women’s Minister Wants Limits on Later Abortions

Maria Miller, the new minister for women and equalities, would like to see the upper abortion limit come down.

Having voted in 2008 to reduce the legal limit for abortions from 24 weeks to 20 weeks, she has just confirmed in an interview for the Daily Telegraph that she would vote that way again ‘absolutely’.

Miller, who describes herself as ‘a very modern feminist’ argues that ‘you have got to look at these matters in a very common sense way’ and says that she is ‘driven by that very practical impact that late term abortion has on women…What we are trying to do here is not to put obstacles in people’s way but to reflect the way medical science has moved on.’

She is not alone in this conviction.

Nearly two thirds of the public and more than three-quarters of women support a reduction in the 24-week upper age limit. 76% of the public think that aborting a baby at six months is cruel. Furthermore a 2007 poll by Marie Stopes International found that two thirds of GPs wanted a reduction from 24 weeks.

Why has public opinion changed on late abortion? There are five main reasons: 4D ultrasound, babies surviving below 24 weeks, stories of babies born alive after abortion, fetal sentience, and European precedent.

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