UK Woman Files Landmark Lawsuit Against Abortion Industry


A woman in the UK is suing the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) after she was not informed that her 23-week-old unborn child may have felt pain during the abortion.

Ana-Maria Tudor argued that she could not have given her fully informed consent for the procedure because she was not informed of the development of her unborn child by the abortion business.

Ms Tudor said “I did not find out a baby at 23 weeks might be able to feel pain until afterwards. It made me feel awful and I now deeply regret my decision.”

“Women should be able to decide what they want to do, but they must be told the truth of what is involved.”

In the UK, official abortion guidelines use outdated research claiming that unborn children can only feel pain from after 24 weeks. Ms Tudor’s lawyers have indicated there is evidence that unborn babies from 18 weeks gestation feel pain, although this may occur even earlier in pregnancy. Currently there is no requirement for pain relief during an abortion. This is despite the standard practice of administering pain relief to unborn babies with spina bifida who are receiving correctional surgery in the womb.

This practice shows the inconsistency of the pro-abortion position. If a child is wanted then he is given real health care, but an unwanted child is dehumanised to the point of being denied basic painkillers during an excruciating process designed to end his life.

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  1. DR Katrina Haller LLB

    She was not provided with the information to give informed consent. How outdated or false, misleading and deceptive was this abortuary? I hope she wins. Doctors must provide all relevant information, including risks to her health including mental health and death before the mother can decide,

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