Two Thirds of Women Would Not Tell Family About Their Abortion

An alarming new research poll from Marie Stopes International has just been released. In the study of 2,684 UK women which looked at their openness to speaking about abortion, there were three particularly concerning statistics.

67% of women would not tell a family member they were considering an abortion.

66% of women would not tell a friend they were considering an abortion.

38% of women would not tell their partner they were considering an abortion.

Regardless of whether someone is pro-life or pro-choice these statistics are horrific. The majority of women are making a life-changing decision without speaking to someone close to them.

Many women have an abortion because they feel unsupported and have no other choice. It is critical that both men and women have access to Pregnancy Support Services so they can make a truly informed decision.

An unexpected pregnancy can be an incredibly stressful time for a woman, and it is in those moments that she needs her partner, family and friends to love and support her. She needs to know that abortion is not her only option.

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