To my pro-choice sisters: Thank you

I know that the women and men who protest at our conferences, and campaign to cut our funding and have LifeChoice disaffiliated, do so not out of malicious intent or desire to intimidate, but out of a deeply held, impassioned conviction that they act in the best interests of women.

Thank you for caring about women. 

At the risk of sounding like Savage Garden, I believe that abortion means the ending of one life, and irreparable harm to another. I believe that children conceived through rape are also victims. I believe that persons are created before they travel down the birth canal. I believe that women are caught between a rock and a hard place, and abortion is a “solution” offered by a profit-driven industry and a government that does not support women. And I believe you don’t know what you got until you say goodbye.

Pro-choice women sometimes believe that an embryo or foetus is an alive human entity, but not a person. Others believe that the personhood or rights of a foetus are superseded by those of his or her mother. And many believe that abortion is harmful, but the prerogative of the mother alone. And what is the point of having convictions if you don’t stand up for them?

Thank you for standing up for your convictions.

Sydney University is privileged to educate some of the brightest young people in the country. This is a place where reasoned, respectful discussion can flourish, if we let it. Many people are unwilling to discuss the bioethical issues relating to the beginning and end of life. My pro-choice peers do not succumb to this fear.

Thank you for joining the conversation.

Women’s groups are famous for standing up for the marginalised. Society has a responsibility to those on its fringes, including pregnant women, the elderly, the depressed, refugees, the dispossessed, and the disabled. The unborn are perhaps the most marginalised members of our community.

Thank you for defending the marginalised.

Facing the alternative of dropping out of uni, being thrown out of home, losing the support of a husband or boyfriend, or losing a job, and having an abortion, many women feel as if they do not have a choice. Holding our law makers to account, campaigning for equal pay for equal work, improved maternity support, de-stigmatising pregnancy and seeking healing for women who experience guilt, loss, and grief after an abortion, these are all ways in which we can help women. Together.

Thank you for caring about women. We have this in common. 

LifeChoice Sydney is having a round table discussion this Tuesday at 2pm at Manning in the Barnard Eldershaw Room. Everyone is welcome.

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  • Harriet

    This is such a great article, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts Sophia!

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