The Loss of Every Child is a Loss to Society

By Lauren Bernard

Yesterday afternoon news emerged of a 21-year-old man in New South Wales who has been charged with multiple offences of domestic violence for the assault of his 19 year old partner, who was 21 weeks pregnant at the time. As a result of the abuse, the baby inside her womb sadly died.

This baby’s death is perceived as a great tragedy and is heavily mourned by the public.

And this is a tragedy, however while this child’s life is recognised by the public we still fail to bring light to the many children whose lives are lost because of abortion.

For too many of these children, they lost their life because their abusive father pressured their mother through the doors of an abortion facility due to an unexpected pregnancy.

Unfortunately, these cases go unheard and the cries of the mother and child are covered by the “women’s choice” rhetoric surrounding abortion.

Abortion covers up abuse.

We rightly acknowledge the mourn the physical suffering domestic violence victims experience at the hands of their abusive partner, and yet society turns a blind eye to the years of emotional trauma women hold in their hearts as a result of taking their own child’s life.

This article also highlights that society is acknowledging the baby inside the womb as a human rather than just a ‘clump of cells’. Is the life of a baby in the womb only recognised if the baby’s death is attributed to a cause other than abortion?

The reality is far simpler. The death of any child, inside or outside the womb is a tragedy.

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