The “Invisibles”

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A few weeks ago, we celebrated National Sibling Day. This Sunday, we will celebrate Mother’s Day. And next month, we have Father’s Day. For many people, including many pro-lifers, these holidays are a cause for joy. But I implore you to be sensitive; many people have come to dread this time of year. Children who have lost parents are an obvious example. Let us also remember the “invisible” sufferers:

Those “only” children whose siblings have died.

Those, like me, who have lost a sibling to abortion.

Those parents who have lost their only children, and are therefore unlikely to receive any recognition on the days set aside for mothers and fathers.

Those post-abortive women who relive their pain each Mother’s Day.

Those single parents who are raising children on their own due to the loss of a partner. (My mom is in this category, having been widowed at a young age with four kids. While it’s been almost 20 years, it’s still painful for us on Father’s Day.)

We as a movement should do more to acknowledge these “invisible” victims. If you know someone who may find Mother’s Day or Father’s Day difficult, please consider sending them a message to check up on them, etc. Many of my friends who have lost children have been so touched to know that their babies are remembered.

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