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We’re always on the look out for new and creative ideas of how we can spread our pro-life message around Australia. Right now we’re designing a new promo video and we want your input!

Submissions are open for scripts for our video and we want to hear your ideas!

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Positive and upbeat
  • Focused around the theme “choosing life at every moment”
  • Creative and youthful
  • No more than 2 minutes long

Do you have an awesome idea for the video? Let us know! Submit your script below and we’ll be in touch shortly.


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More Men Need to Stand With Pregnancy Centres

Written in response to “More men need to stand with Planned Parenthood

Many people say that “abortion is a women’s issue”. Is it?

The short answer is yes…but no. The idea that abortion is solely a women’s issue is an argument rooted in isolation and naivety. Yes, abortion involves women, their bodies and their lives but this does not mean it is an issue that does not concern men. Sorry to say it, abortion concerns men too. It concerns the man who would have been the father. It concerns the father of the woman who is having an abortion and it concerns the men that make up 50% of the population who pays tax to fund our health care system. So in short, yes, men are included in the embryonic equation.

This does not mean that men need to start analysing ovarian content and take up a career in midwifery (but if you are thinking of this career, it’s awesome, trust me) but it does mean men need to start getting involved with the conversation of how they can practically help women experiencing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy. Abortion affects more than just the woman, it is relevant to everyone and therefore men are imperative to the pro-life movement.

But how does a man have a conversation about a topic that they will never go through?

And this is where the pregnancy support centres come in!

Pregnancy support centres are what their name suggests – centres for pregnancy support. These centres provide an avenue for men to be involved with the pro-life movement in a meaningful yet non-intrusive way. The centres can act as a mediator during pre-abortion counselling whereby men can express their feelings in a compassionate way, without being perceived as disrespectful.

While the incredible team of women behind these centres do wonderful work in helping other women from all walks of life, there be some advantages to men being involved too.

From speaking to the women who run these pregnancy support centres, it’s incredibly common that the woman is there because she is having issues in her relationship and therefore does not feel prepared to have a child. To see other men caring and helping at a women’s health centre is symbolic of men being able to care in the first place, in a society that stereotypes men as having no emotions at all. It also allows for greater diversity within support centres as well, which leads to better work place environments and a larger variety of ideas and opinions. Even if you are a man who is on the fence about abortion, no one at pregnancy support clinic is asking. You would just be helping women who ask for help, which is a basic tenet of decency. If you are a man wanting to assist in such situations, these support centres will be able assist you in assisting, sort of like an “assist-ception”!

So here are our top three ways for men to get involved in supporting pregnancy centres:

  1. Organise a fundraising event for them – fun runs, movie screenings and raffles are always popular
  2. Ask them what they need help with – repainting the walls, running a dad’s group, making up gift packs for expecting mums
  3. Spread the word – follow them on social media, tell other dads

It is a great place to start and I strongly encourage any man to help these agencies. It will make a man out of you.

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Aborting Those Who Are Different Hurts Us all

A couple of days a week, I’m privileged to work here in Sydney, as a disability support worker. What a privilege it is.

The joy and happiness that greets me when I walk into the room knocks me back, every single time. What’s more, just for a second, before the dancing and the art, the sport and the learning begins, I consider what it is that gives my life meaning and value as an individual.

In the last seven years, not one baby with Down-Syndrome has been born in China, Iceland or Denmark. In the US, 92% of unborn Down syndrome babies are terminated, 93% are aborted in the UK and only 5% make it to the delivery room here in Australia.

South Australia’s 2015 abortion report, published last month, revealed that of all the abortions that occurred due to disability of the unborn baby, 56.5% of cases were due to ‘chromosomal abnormality’, most likely Down syndrome.

Of the many abortions that are carried out after a child is identified as having a disability, a distressing 29.4% of these occur after 20 weeks. This occurs despite phenomenal advances in medicine that increasingly see premature children, born after 23 weeks, go on to live happy, healthy lives.

Now don’t get me wrong, if I received the news that my (hypothetical, sorry mum, no grandchildren yet!) unborn baby had Down syndrome, would my gut reaction be to punch the air? It probably wouldn’t be.

Despite this, the truth is very simple – those with a disability, almost exclusively live incredibly enjoyable and meaningful lives. Their smiles, excitement and enthusiasm for the day ahead, certainly put mine to shame on a Monday morning. I’ve never encountered any member of the disability community who has questioned their right to existence. If they don’t, who gives us the right to?

Furthermore, for parents, raising a child with a disability can bring joy every bit as powerful as conventional parenthood. Of course, there will be testing moments and without question mum and dad will need to show devotion, patience and love to their differently abled child. Nonetheless, while different parents will face different challenges, the adoration in the eyes of their children is universal. The wonders of being a mother or a father are found, not just in predetermined outcome, but in the unique and inspiring journey.

Just ask the mother of Wells who, in her blog ‘Nothing down about it’, has documented the initial challenges alongside the joyful and love-filled life, her, her family and their precious son now enjoy together.

Image from

Our society rightly strives to be a place free from discrimination. Yet many now openly speak positively about the eradication of those with differences totally beyond their control.

Difference is what makes us strong, it’s what makes our society interesting and vibrant. Those with a disability open our eyes to new perspectives and new experiences, the overwhelming majority of them positive. I for one, would rather look around our world and see diverse, different individuals – each with their own personalities, stories and eccentricities, than a homogenous collective consumed by societally-set desires. We don’t need less unique characters on our planet, we need more!

We’re hurtling toward a world in which we ascribe a set rate of worth to our children, even before they’re born. Achievement can never be measured on a standard societal chart or an economic spreadsheet. Its glory comes in its story, its context and in its personal meaning.

How much is a smile worth? How valuable a challenge overcome?

Life isn’t an easy ride. We all face challenges, we all face sad and lonely days. What’s more important is that we all experience movements of unique individual joy and of incredible personal happiness. It is as one of a kind individuals that we find our wider societal belonging.

Yes, some climb higher obstacles than others but this only makes their achievements more spectacular. In the end, a society that seeks to eradicate those who are different will be a weaker, sadder and less interesting one.

Abortion is damaging our individuality, our vibrancy and our happiness. It’s time we embraced difference, celebrated diversity and took a stand for life.


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Eugenics just keeps getting easier

Cross-posted from TheLeadingEdge Blog 

By Brandon Malone. Not sure if you caught One News last night. It featured an article about a brand new test for Down syndrome that has been developed in the UK.

Three important things to note:

1. The article made absolutely NO mention of the fact that the end result of the vast majority of positive tests for Down syndrome using this new technology will be the abortion of those unborn human beings with Down syndrome.

Funny how, apart from the odd exception, the promoters of these eugenic technologies still can’t bring themselves to actually talk honestly about the true nature of what it is they are involved with, instead they engage in all sorts of new speak and Orwellian subterfuge to try and sanitize the ugly truth about the end result of all of this – the killing of an innocent human person because they are special needs.

2. The article features a rather astounding moment (39 seconds into the video) when the doctor announces to a pregnant mother who is undergoing a scan that it is “good news” that her baby is almost certainly not going to be Down syndrome.

Did you hear that all you persons with Down syndrome out there; clearly your existence is not “good news” in our oh-so-enlightened society (but hey, at least we’re outraged about the fact that a litter of puppies was abandoned on a Hamilton street on a cold winter’s night earlier this month).

3. One News didn’t even bother to feature comment from any ethicist ororganisation that opposes this latest enhancement of the eugenic technology that will result in the killing of EVEN more persons with Down syndrome.

Is it any wonder that the mainstream media has largely become one of the most untrusted sources of information when this sort of one-sided promotional video is what passes for journalism now?

It seems that Eugenics Inc. just keeps right on keeping on, and making discrimination against persons with special needs even easier and more culturally palatable with each passing week – shame on us for tolerating this evil.

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