I was Date Raped and I Chose Life for my Baby

My pregnancy was an unplanned pregnancy. I was date raped at the age of twenty eight. I was not sexually active at the time so I hoped and prayed that I was not pregnant. I couldn’t have a child. I was single and wasn’t capable of looking after a child. I had not planned on becoming a mother, ever. I prayed every night for my menstrual cycle to start. I was depressed and so very, very scared. My fear intensified every day.

My Doctor Pressured me to Abort my Baby. Now I have 7 Beautiful Children!

When I was just 15, I ran away with my boyfriend, we went right up the coast from SA to QLD. I started working in a small Gold Coast café. No proper place to live but we didn’t care, we were happy camping. 2 months into our relationship I suspected I may be pregnant so I got a blood test done. I visited the doctor to get the results. The first thing he did was hand me a pamphlet to an abortion clinic in Tweed Heads. I guess this was his way of telling me I was pregnant!

‘I smile everyday because I survived abortion, and I am so grateful for my life.’

A little while ago a young man messaged the LifeChoice Australia Facebook page to share his story with us. With his permission, we would also like to share his testimony with you.    Hi, I’m not sure if I should share this with you guys or not. But I just …