I was Date Raped and I Chose Life for my Baby

My pregnancy was an unplanned pregnancy. I was date raped at the age of twenty eight. I was not sexually active at the time so I hoped and prayed that I was not pregnant. I couldn’t have a child. I was single and wasn’t capable of looking after a child. I had not planned on becoming a mother, ever. I prayed every night for my menstrual cycle to start. I was depressed and so very, very scared. My fear intensified every day.

My Doctor Pressured me to Abort my Baby. Now I have 7 Beautiful Children!

When I was just 15, I ran away with my boyfriend, we went right up the coast from SA to QLD. I started working in a small Gold Coast café. No proper place to live but we didn’t care, we were happy camping. 2 months into our relationship I suspected I may be pregnant so I got a blood test done. I visited the doctor to get the results. The first thing he did was hand me a pamphlet to an abortion clinic in Tweed Heads. I guess this was his way of telling me I was pregnant!

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