Seven persuasive pro-choice arguments from a rational, thoughtful progressive

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I received this message on Facebook from a woman — going by a clearly fake name — who had apparently created a dummy account just for the purpose of messaging me anonymously. Not long after I read it, she either blocked me or deleted her profile. I actually wanted to respond to her privately, but she didn’t give me that option. Instead, I will answer her this way. Her “arguments” are right out of the pro-abortion playbook, so this exchange is of some general relevance:

Matt Walsh— You are a f**cking moron and you suck at writing (and take it from a woman: you are very ugly person), but I was curious to see how terrible and stupid your show would be….. considering every blog post I’ve read appears to have been written by a retard… In fact everything I’ve ever seen you write on your website, Facebook, Twitter…. All of it beyond stupid…. so I tuned in online…… and of course the first thing I hear is you ranting about abortion. That’s what I would expect from a Christian extremist nut job. Your comments were judgmental and hurtful to all women…. We don’t need to hear some d*ckhead bullsh*t misogynistic opinions about abortion…. My next email is going to be to your boss to try to get you removed from the air.

I’ve worked in women’s health service so I thought I’d educate you on a few things. I’m sure this will fall on deaf ears but maybe you’ll re-post my message in one of your “famous” blogs and even if you try to embarrass me….everyone will see the truth……

First, abortion is not an “industry”. It’s not something people do for the money……. Abortion doctors could make a lot more money in another medical field but they decide to enter the women’s health field because they want to help women.

Second, abortion is not “killing” a “person”, it is terminating a pregnancy. Period. An unborn fetus is not a baby….. its a fetus. Period.

Third, what don’t you f**king people understand about this…. women have the RIGHT to control their OWN BODIES. The fetus can only survive by draining resources and nutrients from the mother. The mother has the right to end that if she wants to. A fetus is scientifically considered a parasite….. it has no rights. Period.

Fourth, why is it that Christians are so concerned about “babies” BEFORE they’re born but then after they’re born you people don’t give a sh*t? If women didn’t have access to abortion there would be a lot more unwanted children out there. There would be more poverty. Why don’t Christians concentrate on that? If you aren’t out there adopting babies you have no right to complain about abortion.

Fifth, speaking of which…… don’t like abortion? Don’t have one.

Sixth, I’m not even going to get into a debate about when “life begins.” It begins when the mother decides that she wants to carry her fetus to term. It’s a baby if she wants it to baby…… That’s not a determination anyone else gets to make. When I was pregnant it was always a baby to me because I wanted to give birth to her. If I had made a different choice then I would have terminated, but I never would have “killed” a “child”. I would have terminated a fetus.

Seventh, if you hate the world because of abortion…. maybe you should kill yourself.

You claim that pro-choice people don’t have facts… well here are a bunch of facts. let’s see if you have the guts to respond….. I know anti-choicers have trouble dealing with facts.

Dear Ms. Anonymous,

Thank you so much for listening to my show, reading my blog, and even tracking me down on Facebook and Twitter. Now, let me see if I understand this: you have sought me out via every available medium, you’ve actively pursued my writings and you read them intently, you took time out of your day to listen to my show, and you do all of this because you think I’m “stupid” and “terrible”? OK. Well, what else is a rational person to do when they encounter someone with whom they vehemently disagree?

Personally, I see people write disagreeable things on the internet every day. It never occurred to me that I ought to become obsessed with their every word and stalk them across cyberspace, eating up every morsel and message that springs forth from their keyboard. I guess we’ve all got our hobbies. But maybe you ought to consider Zumba or something;I don’t think this pastime is good for your mental health.

In any event, as you requested, your message is now published for the world to see. I’ll dissect and respond to all of your “points,” and we will let the public decide who’s made the better case. One last side note: I appreciate your constructive criticism of my writing. Here’s one for you to contemplate: there’s rarely a reason to put seven periods in a row. That’s not, like, actual English punctuation. Really, one period will do just fine. And perhaps you might consider utilizing a comma on occasion? Something to think about. But don’t pay attention to me, I’m just a “retard” — and an ugly one at that. We can’t all be monuments of grace and beauty, Ms. Anonymous. I can certainly tell you, as a parent, I’m hoping my son one day brings home a woman who uses phrases like “d*ckhead bullsh*t.” Talk about class and femininity.

Anyway, let’s take this one-by-one:

-First, abortion is not an “industry”. It’s not something people do for the money……. Abortion doctors could make a lot more money in another medical field but they decide to enter the women’s health field because they want to help women. defines “industry” thusly:


1. the aggregate of manufacturing or technically productive enterprises in a particular field, often named after its principal product: the automobile industry; the steel industry.

2. any general business activity; commercial enterprise.

So, abortion is not an industry? You mean it is not a productive commercial enterprise? That’s funny, because my research tells me abortion clinics generally charge 400 to 500 dollars for a first trimester abortion (always looking out for poor people). That makes it not only financially “productive,” but one of the most lucrative of all “medical” procedures. The CEO of Planned Parenthood rakes in 400 grand a year, can we not deem that a “productive” income? Speaking of Planned Parenthood, they made over a billion dollars last year. Do you know where they derived their largest chunk of income? The tax payers. But do you know what came in second? Mammograms. Just kidding, Planned Parenthood doesn’t offer mammograms. The answer is abortion. Of all the “services” they provide, abortion is their bread and butter.

Ms. Anonymous, you are confused. Crisis pregnancy centers are the facilities that usually don’t generate profits. Abortion, on the other hand, is a billion dollar INDUSTRY in this country. Abortion clinics are, in fact, very good at milking every dime from their operation. That’s why they gather the body parts of dead babies and sell them to cosmetic companies and research firms. Sure, this is technically “illegal,” but there’s a loophole that allows clinics to charge a “reasonable payment” for the “transportation, preservation, implantation, quality control and storage of human fetal tissue.” In other words, they aren’t allowed to sell dead babies… But they’re allowed to sell dead babies. Aren’t you progressives always concerned about closing loopholes that enable corporations to evade regulations? Well, here’s one for you. Now go Occupy Planned Parenthood.

Abortion doctors could make a lot more money in another medical field? Perhaps, so what’s stopping them? Is it their passion for “terminating fetuses”? Actually, I think that’s even scarier than the reality: many of them couldn’t hack it as legitimate doctors, so they became abortionists as a fallback option. That’s why they often don’t have admitting privileges at local hospitals. Abortion advocates will claim that this is motivated by “bias” against abortionists, and they’re right. Real doctors and real medical professionals, who uphold their Hippocratic oath to heal the sick, to “tread with care in matters of life and death,” and to avoid “therapeutic nihilism,” have little respect for quacks and mercenaries whose “art” consists of shoving a piece of equipment up a woman’s birth canal and ripping her baby to shreds. An abortionist is a “doctor” in the same sense that a guy who deals crack to middle schoolers can be considered a “pharmacist.”

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