Savita’s death caused by infection: pro-life laws no barrier to treatment PLUS Another woman dead from abortion

Cross-sourced from the Life Institute

The Life Institute has said that leaked excerpts from a report on the death of Savita Halappanavar seemed to show that it was now beyond dispute that an infection had caused her tragic death.

Niamh Uí Bhriain said that it was “deplorable” that abortion advocates continued to use Savita’s death to have abortion legalised in Ireland.

“Leaking excerpts from this draft report showed no respect or compassion for Savita’s family. But abortion advocates, including Minister Pat Rabbitte, have jumped, yet again, to draw conclusions and call for abortion legislation,” she said.

“We have not seen the final report, but from these early excerpts it seems to be certain that Savita died because the infection which caused her death was not identified or treated properly.”

“From what has been released of the draft report, it also seems that staff were overworked and under extreme pressure at Galway Hospital,” she pointed out.

The pro-life spokeswoman said that the evidence of numerous experts had made it abundantly clear that Ireland’s ban on abortion did not prevent doctors acting to save a woman’s life, even if that meant the unintentional death of the baby.

“In fact, if this truncated draft report is correct, the consultant advised Savita and her husband that a termination of the pregnancy might have to be considered if they could not find the source of the infection,” she said.

“Clearly then there would not have been a problem with an intervention to save a mother’s life.”

“We have heard from medical experts including numerous Obstetricians and Gynaecologists who have stated that there is no confusion amongst doctors as to when they can and must act to save a mother,” said Ms Uí Bhriain.

“Furthermore, medical experts at the recent hearings held by the Joint Oireachtas Committee confirmed that they knew of no instance where an Irish woman had lost her life because of any hesitancy to intervene,” she added.

“These excerpts from the report on Savita’s death do not make it clear as to why action was not taken in Galway, and, as a mother and a advocate for the right to life, I hope the final report provides that clarity,” said the Life Institute spokeswoman.

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