Responding to Gifford-Jones tirade on euthanasia

By Alex Schadenberg

Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Gifford-Jones in his recent tirade on “assisted death”attacks people who oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide as do-gooders offering “howling and irrational fears”.

Yet Gifford-Jones is the one who howls when he states that in places where euthanasia and assisted suicide are permitted: “The blunt fact is that history shows there have been no abuses.”

Were the researchers who published the 5 year meta-analysis of the Dutch euthanasia law in 2012 irrational when they found that 23% of all assisted deaths were not reported? How irrational were the researchers who published findings that 47% of all assisted deaths in the Flanders region of Belgium were not reported?

Is it only the do-gooders who are concerned by the 2010 study that found that 32% of assisted deaths in Belgium were done without request?

I guess that Gifford-Jones would like us to turn a blind eye when an Italian man, with a botched diagnosis is killed by assisted death in Switzerland or when the Netherlands approves euthanasia for newborns with disabilities.

The only irrational howling I have heard is from Gifford-Jones.

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