Pulse Pro-Life Student Forum – giving students a voice for human dignity in Australia – featuring top national and international speakers on abortion, euthanasia, and more!

The Pulse Pro-Life Student Forum is an annual one-day event, held in conjunction with Pulse Australia and the LifeChoice Student Association.

The Forum features an awesome line up of national and international speakers, presenting on issues relating to abortion, euthanasia, human rights, and the need for a renewed conversation about the dignity and value of the human person in Australia.

In 2013, the Forum was held in Redfern, Sydney, and featured:

Brendan Malone, bioethics speaker, “Human Rights and abortion” & “Pro-Life leadership: be the voice of coherent conviction”
Debbie Garratt, health professional, “Is abortion really a choice?”
Paul Russell, anti-euthanasia expert, “Euthanasia: the current debate”
You’re Invited!

The Pulse Student Forum is open to young Australians from senior school to university level. The Forum is a chance to spend the day with pro-life students from across Australia, from all walks of life, and talk about the greatest ethical challenges of our generation.

The Forum features top national speakers from all over Australia and New Zealand. If you are passionate about promoting the culture of life in Australia, or just want to know more about what it means to be pro-life in Australia, you cannot miss this event!

When, where, cost?
2014: TBA


The Pulse 2013 Pro-Life Student Forum is a joint-project of the LifeChoice Student Association, Students Protecting Life UWS, and Pulse Australia.