Pro-choice – unless you’re disabled, then it’s no choice

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Is there anything more grossly hypocritical about the pro-choice ideology than it’s support for people being able to choose to kill unborn human beings because they are disabled, unwell or genetically different to the rest of us? (Remember, this is a movement that claims that to be built on the back of ‘equal rights’ for women, and which claims that females are marginalized without legalized abortion).

Just last week an Irish pro-choice advocate, and mother of a special needs child, came out swinging for the so-called ‘right’ to choose to end the life of an unborn human being because they are disabled.

And in a typical pro-choice style she couldn’t even bring herself to be honest about the evil she endorses.

Just listen to this statement (emphasis added):

“No one has the right to make anyone else terminate a pregnancy. Equally no one has the right to stop other people from making the choice that is right for them and their circumstances.”

By “the choice that is right for them and their circumstances”, what she actually means is: ‘the choice to kill a human being because they are disabled or special needs’.

The fact that she can’t even bring herself to speak openly and honestly about the act she is endorsing should tell us all we need to know about its true nature – no one ever tries to disguise acts of generosity or love with such verbal subterfuge.

And just consider the perverse ethical sophistry on display here, where a forced termination is put on a par with not killing a person because they are disabled or special needs, as if the two acts are the same type of thing.

In her list of individuals and groups that shouldn’t have a say in this matter she makes one glaring omission – the disabled person themselves, who are denied any and all choice because another person has decided that special needs persons are better off dead.

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