‘Pro-choice’ becomes ‘no choice’ at Sydney University

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This week is Oweek at universities in Australia, and, among other things, Oweek is the time when university student clubs set up stalls on campus to hold their membership drives.

At Sydney University there is a student pro-life club who go by the name of LifeChoice. The sole mission of LifeChoice is to educate and promote peaceful dialogue about the issues of abortion and euthanasia – two massively important ethical matters, both of which are tragically ignored by far too many people in our culture.

LifeChoice Sydney aren’t a political lobby group, they don’t use graphic abortion images in public, and nor do they engage in protests or other forms of direct activism regarding these issues. Instead they simply confine their efforts to education, dialogue and the promotion of free and open discussion about abortion and euthanasia.

Basically, their existence and activity as an organisation represents and continues on the best traditions of the university culture, a culture whose hallmarks are free, robust and civil debate about important issues.

But earlier today at Sydney University LifeChoice’s peaceful attempts to further these great traditions of academic culture were brought to an unexpected halt by an act that has no place on a university campus, and which can only be described as hateful, intolerant and a blatant attack on the right to freedom of expression.

You see, overnight last night one or more supporters of abortion-choice tore down the LifeChoice club booth at Sydney University – a booth provided to them by the University of Sydney Student Union – and vandalized their displays and signage.

In a display of tolerance and intellectual prowess some person, or persons, scrawled, among other things, the phrase; “political free speech is bullshit if it extends to arseholes”across their booth. Yellow “pro-choice” stickers were plastered all over the LifeChoice stall signage as well.

This act of destruction and vandalism came just one day after another previous act of vandalism which saw a student ruin a LifeChoice promotional banner by plastering it with a label sponsored by the SRC Women’s Collective – due to the adhesive on the stickers, the club’s banner was permanently ruined and will now have to be replaced.

The people involved in these senseless attacks on another group’s right to freedom of expression are probably smugly patting themselves on the back over these incidents as if they represent some sort of heroic participation in and promotion of the pro-choice ideology.

However, the reality of the situation is actually far less glamorous for the pro-choice movement.

These events portray the pro-choice movement in a rather brutish, thuggish and unthinking fashion. They present the pro-choicer’s at Sydney University as being incapable of intelligent and rational discourse, lacking in the ability to construct and then maturely present logical counter-arguments to the pro-life position on ethical issues.

These actions aren’t just childish acts of bullying and thuggery, they are an embarrassing indictment on the pro-choice movement at Sydney, who, if they wish to remain true to their professed principles of freedom and choice need to urgently condemn this senseless and hateful vandalism – and they need to do so as publicly and strongly as possible.

The fact that a group of pro-choicer’s resorted to such indefensible tactics really has to make you wonder what exactly it is about LifeChoice that makes them so afraid? Perhaps the fact that LifeChoice has been able to robustly and intelligently defend the truth of the pro-life ethic is just too much for some pro-choicer’s at Sydney University?

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