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LifeChoice is a student based pro-life group. We have groups at various universities throughout Australia
We aim to promote the dignity of human life from conception to natural death, through reasonable and informed discussion on the issues of abortion and euthanasia in Australian society.
Our clubs organise educational events which provide a fun, safe and social environment in which to discuss these issues, such as discussion lunches, lectures, debates, documentary screenings, and information evenings. We also arrange volunteering opportunities for our students.
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LifeChoice Blog

“Hi. I am a 21 year old young woman who was wondering if you could possibly help me… I am possibly pregnant and kind of terrified, because my parents will be enraged.” There are some moments in your life that stick with you forever, and I think this will be
Written in response to “More men need to stand with Planned Parenthood” Many people say that “abortion is a women’s issue”. Is it? The short answer is yes…but no. The idea that abortion is solely a women’s issue is an argument rooted in isolation and naivety. Yes, abortion involves women,
A couple of days a week, I’m privileged to work here in Sydney, as a disability support worker. What a privilege it is. The joy and happiness that greets me when I walk into the room knocks me back, every single time. What’s more, just for a second, before the
Cross-posted from MercatorNet Assisted suicide is an idea which keeps evolving in unpredictable ways. Who could have foreseen the development of groups of non-doctors which help hundreds of people to die in Switzerland? They are non-profits and charge only for membership and handling fees. But what if companies saw a
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