Note to pro-euthanasia campaigners: there’s no such thing as the ‘right to die’

One thing that never ceases to amaze me in regard to the euthanasia issue is the way in which the media constantly and unquestioningly endorses the pro-euthanasia invention that is ‘the right to die’.

To start with, the term ‘right to die’ is a totally false representation of what the pro-euthanasia movement is actually trying to achieve here in NZ.

They don’t want to legalize dying (more on the silliness of that notion in a moment), what they actually want to legalize is the use of lethal injections and/or other means which will prematurely end the lives of people who don’t believe that their life has any value and who have lost the will to live.

Secondly, no one can legalize dying anymore than they can outlaw it – dying is just something that happens, and to all of us.

Killing yourself, or killing somebody else, on the other hand, is definitely something that can be legalized or outlawed, but dying – the natural end of every human existence – always happens, and it happens to everybody, no matter who they are or what the law has to say about it. As the old saying goes ‘death is not a capitalist, he’s a communist – everybody gets the exact same payment’.

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