Nitschke and Exit must answer questions

The roll out of Exit International and Dr Philip Nitschke’s latest project, the provision of kits that include a nitrogen cylinder to bring about death by suffocation, should ring alarm bells with the Australian public and regulatory authorities. His comments in the Herald Sun and Dennis Shanahan’s article in The Australian last Friday, leave a great deal unsaid. There are many questions in need of answers.

In the public interest, he needs to come clean on some pressing questions to do with public safety and the rule of law.

How does the provision of such kits by mail order deal with the physical, emotional and mental state of the individual user? Does Dr Nitschke conduct a consultation with every applicant? Does he know them personally, or is this simply the logical extension of his belief that all adults should have the right to kill themselves at any age and for any reason at all — so it doesn’t matter?

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