Pro-life News

Pro-life News
1 A woman in the UK is suing the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) after she was not informed that her 23-week-old unborn child may have felt pain during the abortion. Ana-Maria Tudor argued that she could not have given her fully informed consent for the procedure
1 Australia’s largest abortion business, Marie Stopes Australia has announced they may be forced to stop abortions in two weeks. The business is furious after the health department’s National Medical Stockpile refused to supply them with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is being reserved for medical professionals on the front
1 Despite an unexpected pregnancy in 2014, 16 Grammy Award-winning singer Alicia Keys chose life for her baby. And it turns out that Alicia herself was also nearly aborted. Speaking of the experience her new book More Myself, Alicia explained that at the time she was working on her sixth
1 By Elise, Medical Student One of the many case videos we have been shown as medical students is one of a young woman who is informed by her doctor that she has a positive pregnancy test. In the video, when the doctor reassures the young woman and tells her

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