Pro-life News

Pro-life News
By Lauren Bernard A man from Queensland has lost his appeal and will see out his sentence of ten years in prison after pressuring and assisting his wife to kill herself. As the sole beneficiary of his wife’s three life insurance policies, Graham Morant benefited $1.4 million in life insurance
Babies born prematurely at 22 weeks (6 months) can survive outside the womb. Twenty Two Matters is an organisation dedicated to shining a light on the lives of these babies and their families. In addition to raising this awareness, Twenty Two Matters assists families in accessing hospitals that can and
By Sabrina Bertino-Clarke Máire Lea-Wilson, the mother of 11-month-old baby Aidan, is suing the UK government for discrimination against children with disabilities. Current UK law, which normally allows abortion until 24 weeks, permits unborn babies with disabilities to be aborted until birth. Upon discovering that Aidan had Down syndrome, the
By Lauren, Accounting Student On Saturday, myself and over 90 others attended Pulse Online hosted by LifeChoice Australia.  This virtual pro-life conference gave us the amazing opportunity to learn from pro-life speaker Brendan Malone about the arguments against abortion and the philosophical origins of our current culture.  In Brendan’s two

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