Pro-life News

Pro-life News
By now you’ve probably heard Eminem’s new song featuring Ed Sheeran, ‘River’ – a heartbreaking confession of a string of regrets. Among them is his remorse for forcing a woman to have an abortion. He talks about his ‘baby’ and ‘that I really woulda’ loved your smile’. He also describes
In 1981, Dr Michael Harrison from the University of San Francisco, California was faced with a difficult decision. A 20-week baby had been diagnosed with severe kidney disease caused by an obstruction of the urinary tract, a condition that was certainly fatal. With no other possibilities for medical intervention, the
“Hi. I am a 21 year old young woman who was wondering if you could possibly help me… I am possibly pregnant and kind of terrified, because my parents will be enraged.” There are some moments in your life that stick with you forever, and I think this will be
Written in response to “More men need to stand with Planned Parenthood” Many people say that “abortion is a women’s issue”. Is it? The short answer is yes…but no. The idea that abortion is solely a women’s issue is an argument rooted in isolation and naivety. Yes, abortion involves women,

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