Pro-life News

Pro-life News
When I was just 15, I ran away with my boyfriend, we went right up the coast from SA to QLD. I started working in a small Gold Coast café. No proper place to live but we didn’t care, we were happy camping. 2 months into our relationship I suspected
Human Rights Commissioner Ed Santow has urged Australian universities to consider a code of conduct to protect free speech on campus “even when those ideas may be confronting to some people”. In March 2018 protesters attempted to shut down the LifeChoice Sydney stall at the University of Sydney’s O-week. One
A little while ago a young man messaged the LifeChoice Australia Facebook page to share his story with us. With his permission, we would also like to share his testimony with you.    Hi, I’m not sure if I should share this with you guys or not. But I just
Efforts to empower disabled and differently abled persons and to make society more inclusive of them are being undermined by the alarmingly high and disproportionate number of disability-selective abortions taking place in Australia and around the world. 93% of women in Western Australia who receive a prenatal diagnostic of Down

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