My Uber Driver Heard My Story. Now He’s Pro-life.

“So what do you do?” The question that I both dread and love to be asked.

“I run a pro-life organisation.”

What comes next is always fascinating.

My very English, very extroverted Uber driver last night was my most recent encounter. “Ah yeah. Abortions are rubbish innit. They did something recent here with the abortion laws, right?”

I explained to him how our Parliament just passed a bill to legalise abortion until birth in New South Wales.

Tim* was horrified. He told me that when he was 20 years old he pressured his girlfriend to have an abortion. He’s regretted it every day of his life since then.

I listened to him and spoke to him about Diamond Women’s Support who offer free and confidential care for both men and women before and after abortion. Luckily I had some Diamond flyers in my bag which I gave to him. Tim immediately put them in his glovebox in case he ever meets someone on an Uber trip who needs help.

As we reached our destination and the lights inside the car turned on, Tim turned around with the greatest look of shock and excitement on his face.

“Hold on. I know you. You’re Rebecca Gosper! You’re the one who those pro-abortion folks targeted. That’s when I realised I was pro-life – after hearing your story!”

What an Uber trip! Never underestimate the power of being boldly pro-life. It’s important that we stand up for what we believe in, even when it may be uncomfortable or even scary. Changing hearts and minds is at the core of what we do, and that’s how we’re going to start building a culture of life in Australia. Let’s use our voices to speak up for those who can’t!

*Name changed to protect identity.

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