Learning to Stand for Life: Virtual Pro-life Conference Empowers Youth


By Lauren, Accounting Student

On Saturday, myself and over 90 others attended Pulse Online hosted by LifeChoice Australia. 

This virtual pro-life conference gave us the amazing opportunity to learn from pro-life speaker Brendan Malone about the arguments against abortion and the philosophical origins of our current culture. 

In Brendan’s two sessions on abortion apologetics, he presented a critical analysis of the ethical dilemmas and lies present by the pro-abortion lobby. 

He explained how certain characteristics of child in the womb, such as their size, level of development, environment, degree of dependency and potential future hardships are invalid reasons for the intentional termination of the life of that child and therefore abortion. 

The third session was given by the founder of a pregnancy support centre. From her, we were able to hear about the amazing support and care her team offer to women who are faced with an unexpected or challenging pregnancy. She explored the practical services her centre offers to families and how we can support their mission.

Brendan’s final session highlighted the historic voices and influencers that have impacted our society and shaped our current culture. 

Following the conference, a bonus Q&A session gave us the opportunity to further expand our understanding of the pro-life position and clarify any points of confusion. 

This was an enriching opportunity that gave me the tools and confidence to fight for life, be part of the pro-life future and help build a culture of life and love.

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