I’m A Parenting Student And My Tutor Encouraged Me To Bring My Baby To Class


On the 14th of October last year, my life changed completely when my husband and I welcomed our little girl into the world. She is the most precious gift to us from God, whom we absolutely cherish.

However, being a student at university, having a child presented a whole new challenge to completing my degree.

When Norah arrived, I was half way through my degree and balancing a lot of hours at work with part-time study. My husband and I decided it was time for me to take a break from working for a while and focus on her but I was eager to complete my degree at the same time.

So 2018 began and I was expecting to have to juggle classes, babysitters and study time. However, my tutors and the university were much more supportive and understanding than I anticipated. First of all I found that some of my classes I could actually do online, so I could be looking after Norah and logged in participating in my class at the same time. It even entertained her having lots of new faces to see online. Also, lectures are recorded and uploaded online, so during those late night feeds I could be catching up on class content.

It actually really worked for me!

In addition to that, my tutor last semester encouraged me to bring my daughter to class whenever I needed to. It was the biggest weight off my shoulders knowing I didn’t have to rely on others all the time. It’s still a challenge trying to keep up with everything, but my beautiful little girl next to me all the time is so precious and the hard work is 100% worth it.

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