If Q then Y (Pt 2)

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wrote last week about how, if it was true that:

a) the foetus isn’t a human being, or

b) the foetus shouldn’t have the same protection of life as a newborn baby,

then it followed that no/any reason will do to make the case for legal abortion in any situation.

And I could 100% support that too…if a)/b) were true.

This week, I want to look at the other side of the coin…

I’ve got 2 nieces, and 1 nephew/niece waiting to pop out soon (he or she is hiding away in a custom environment at the moment). On my niece’s birthday earlier this year, she didn’t have to convince me to get her a present. She didn’t have to offer reasons such as:

  • There are good specials on at the toy store
  • I’ve been behaving well
  • I like pink

It was her birthday – reason enough! (Any other reasons are unnecessarily added, but adding them won’t hurt anyone.)

Some people think the following reasons are strong reasons to oppose abortion in many situations:

  • There are many people waiting to adopt
  • There are pregnancy centres/charities/churches that specifically help support mothers
  • Many parents who contemplated abortion but didn’t go through with it don’t regret their decision
  • It is a heroic act to not abort a child
  • It would be supporting or doing an act that could have been done to you at one time (years ago) – in which case you wouldn’t be here to do your act. This is mind-bending stuff, amigos.

Some people may get personally persuaded by these reasons. But I don’t think it would necessarily be to the extent that they would oppose the option of abortion.

Let’s say for argument’s sake that it became well-established (to everyone’s agreement) that having an abortion tripled the risk of an awful disease. Some people might say: “I will take the risk,” while some people wouldn’t. But those who wouldn’t take the risk wouldn’t necessarily oppose the option being available for someone willing to take the risk.

So, these reasons aren’t really strong enough – as currently stated above – to be publicly opposed to abortion.

But if Q is true (see below) then these reasons are not necessary in any sense to oppose abortion being legal in situations where the mother’s actual physical life is not at risk.

So if it’s true that:

r) the foetus is a human being, and

s) the foetus should have the same protection of life as a newborn baby (or toddler, or adolescent, or adult)

and let’s say r) & s) = Q,

then it follows that:

if a reason doesn’t work for killing a newborn baby, it doesn’t work for killing a foetus.

If some parents of a 5-year old daughter didn’t care about being ‘heroic’, or they regretted their decision not to abort when they had the chance, or no-one is helping them financially, should they then be allowed to kill her? (I hope everyone would say “No” to all of these.) Then a foetus shouldn’t be allowed to be killed for any of those reasons either.

But is Q true? Now THAT is (still) the real question.

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