‘I wish my mother had aborted me’ – The questionable tactics of the prochoice movement

Okay, so I’ve heard some pretty crazy pro-abortion sentiment in my time, but I think that Lynn Beisner’s opinion piece that has just been published in the UK guardian might just take pro-choice crazy to a whole other level.

Basically she starts her piece by bemoaning the personal stories of people who were conceived into difficult situations, and who say that they are grateful that their mother chose to carry them to term rather than to end their life before birth with an abortion.

She slams such stories as being nothing more than emotional blackmail – and then immediately goes on to tell her own emotionally charged story of hardship, stating that instead of being grateful for being born, she actually wishes her mother had aborted her before she was born.

So while it’s emotional blackmail to use a moving story of family hardship and personal tragedy in order to back up a pro-life position, apparently it’s perfectly acceptable to use a moving story of family hardship and personal tragedy in order to back up a pro-choice position.

Read the rest of the article here.

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  • Debbie Garratt

    I recall an seeing an interview with an Australian abortion advocate who was asked her opinion about Melissa Ohden being in the country and telling her story of survival after her mothers attempt to abort her. The female abortion advocate, a self professed feminist said that women like Melissa had no right to tell their stories as it was obvious her only agenda was to make women feel bad for a legitimate ‘choice’.

    It is blindingly obvious that women’s rights, to the most vocal feminist abortion advocates, begin and end with the right to abortion. Dissenting voices, whether male or female are dismissed as lies, manipulation, or religious propaganda.

    The fact remains that large numbers (in their thousands) of women and men are hurt by abortion every year in our country, yet they are silenced by those who see the personal stories of these people as some threat to the rights of others.

  • Adela

    Very good point, but you will find that very often what feminists/pro-choice/socialists say it’s wrong for some to do, is perfectly fine for them in any circumstances they consider it useful, even freedom of speech 😉

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