‘I smile everyday because I survived abortion, and I am so grateful for my life.’

A little while ago a young man messaged the LifeChoice Australia Facebook page to share his story with us. With his permission, we would also like to share his testimony with you. 



I’m not sure if I should share this with you guys or not. But I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you and the pro-life movement are doing, it’s something that cuts very close to the bone.

My mother was 18 years old when she gave birth to me. During her entire pregnancy, she was harassed by her teachers, peers, and social workers into getting an abortion. Perhaps the worst part was when, early in her pregnancy, a social worker attempted to trick her by taking her to a medical clinic which performed abortions under the pretence of prenatal care. She was this close to taking some pills that would have killed me because she was lied to as to what their nature was, but it was only because my grandfather realised what was going on based on a recent phone call they’d had that he rushed in just in time and put an end to it.

I smile everyday because I survived abortion, and I am so grateful for my life.

Now I’m just finishing high school and about to apply for university, I’ve topped my class in nearly all my subjects, and have won multiple public speaking competitions and am an avid debater. I’ve also represented my school in  the United Nations Youth Evatt competition and am currently in the state finals hoping to go to nationals. I’m hoping to study law to help those who can’t afford proper representation.

I’m not telling you this to inflate my own ego, but rather to highlight the potential that each and every life possesses, potential for greatness, ambition and success.

I just want to say thankyou, and urge you to keep doing what you’re doing so that other children out there can have the right to live and be saved just like I did.

If you wish you can share this testimony, but please leave my name excluded.

Thanks so much guys.

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