How Planned Parenthood targets Blacks and Hispanics: new interactive online map

This post appeared originally on LifeSiteNews

Yesterday was the 96th anniversary of the founding of Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions in the United States. To mark the occasion, a group called Protecting Black Life has released an interactive map that uses the latest census data to show how the abortion provider apparently targets minority neighborhoods with its abortion clinics.

According to the group’s research, 79% of all Planned Parenthood abortion facilities are located within walking distance of black or Hispanic neighborhoods, or both. The map offers more detailed information, showing Planned Parenthood clinics as red, blue, or split red/blue dots depending on the racial makeup of the neighborhoods it serves. When a clinic’s dot is clicked on, the map displays the census data for the area, with a zoomed-in map showing exactly where the minority neighborhoods are in relation to the clinic.

Although there is no way to prove that Planned Parenthood intentionally targets blacks and Hispanics for abortion, the statistics paint a damning picture, which at the very least helps explain the sky high abortion rate among some minority groups.

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