Global Map Pinpoints Hospitals That Can Save 22-Week Babies


Babies born prematurely at 22 weeks (6 months) can survive outside the womb.

Twenty Two Matters is an organisation dedicated to shining a light on the lives of these babies and their families. In addition to raising this awareness, Twenty Two Matters assists families in accessing hospitals that can and will give these prematurely born babies their best chance of surviving.

Babies at 22 weeks are considered “pre-viable” by many practitioners and medical groups. Because of this, many mothers are told at the time of their premature labour and delivery that there is no chance for their baby.

However, with rapid improvements in medical technology and enhanced training of health professionals in neonatal care, more babies are being saved – and thriving!

In addition to the many families sharing their stories of hope through Twenty Two Matters, a Google map has been created, pinpointing hospitals throughout the world that are providing these babies the care and the chance to survive. Each day, new hospitals that have and will provide this life-saving care are added.

Unfortunately, this initiative has only identified two hospitals in Australia as being known to save babies at 22 weeks.

But with the continued support of efforts such as Twenty Two Matters, this can change. By hearing and sharing the stories of these miracle babies and their families, we can advocate for hospitals and health professionals to receive the training, resources and resolution to give these babies the best chance at life.

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