Five teenagers among women who had at least their 6th termination in UK last year

Recent data from a Freedom of Information request has revealed that five teenagers are among over 700 women who had their sixth abortion last year.

According to Right to Life UK, “data released by the Department of Health for England and Wales and NHS Scotland under the Freedom of Information Act revealed that:

  • 143 women had an abortion last year having previously had seven or more terminations – a 19% increase on 2017 and a 27% rise on 2016
  • 172 women had their seventh abortion in 2018 – a 26% increase on 2016
  • 403 women had their sixth termination – 10% up on 2017 and a 33% increase on 2016
  • 1,298 women – including five teenagers – had their fifth abortion in 2018
  • 4,389 women – including 23 teenagers – had their fourth termination.”

This disturbing data has sparked calls in the UK for a parental notification law to protect underage girls from exploitation and abuse. Local polling shows that over 70% of UK parents believe that a parental notification law should be in place for girls under 16 seeking an abortion.

Liz Parsons, the director of advocacy for pro-life organisation ‘Life‘ said, “women having repeat abortions, especially young people, would suggest there are underlying problems leading to unplanned pregnancies which are not resolved by putting women on the abortion conveyor belt.”

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