Eugenics just keeps getting easier

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By Brandon Malone. Not sure if you caught One News last night. It featured an article about a brand new test for Down syndrome that has been developed in the UK.

Three important things to note:

1. The article made absolutely NO mention of the fact that the end result of the vast majority of positive tests for Down syndrome using this new technology will be the abortion of those unborn human beings with Down syndrome.

Funny how, apart from the odd exception, the promoters of these eugenic technologies still can’t bring themselves to actually talk honestly about the true nature of what it is they are involved with, instead they engage in all sorts of new speak and Orwellian subterfuge to try and sanitize the ugly truth about the end result of all of this – the killing of an innocent human person because they are special needs.

2. The article features a rather astounding moment (39 seconds into the video) when the doctor announces to a pregnant mother who is undergoing a scan that it is “good news” that her baby is almost certainly not going to be Down syndrome.

Did you hear that all you persons with Down syndrome out there; clearly your existence is not “good news” in our oh-so-enlightened society (but hey, at least we’re outraged about the fact that a litter of puppies was abandoned on a Hamilton street on a cold winter’s night earlier this month).

3. One News didn’t even bother to feature comment from any ethicist ororganisation that opposes this latest enhancement of the eugenic technology that will result in the killing of EVEN more persons with Down syndrome.

Is it any wonder that the mainstream media has largely become one of the most untrusted sources of information when this sort of one-sided promotional video is what passes for journalism now?

It seems that Eugenics Inc. just keeps right on keeping on, and making discrimination against persons with special needs even easier and more culturally palatable with each passing week – shame on us for tolerating this evil.

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