Eminem “I Made You Terminate My Baby”

By now you’ve probably heard Eminem’s new song featuring Ed Sheeran, ‘River’ – a heartbreaking confession of a string of regrets. Among them is his remorse for forcing a woman to have an abortion. He talks about his ‘baby’ and ‘that I really woulda’ loved your smile’. He also describes that ending the life of this baby is just ‘one more lie to tell an unborn child’.

What other lies are we telling unborn children and their mothers? Our society tells young, pregnant women that they’re not ready for this baby – that they’re not strong enough or smart enough to raise a child. Our society tells the unborn that they’re not valuable and they’re not worthy of the most basic human right; the right to life.

Just like Eminem’s baby and the mother of that child, we believe that the unborn and their mothers deserve so much better than abortion. You can do this. We don’t want anymore mums and dads hurting because of this irreversible decision.

We all deserve better than abortion.

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