Edge of Reason: Parents have a moral obligation to use eugenics to breed the best child possible

On Tuesday evening in Australia, the Insight TV show featured a panel discussion on the topic of eugenics, designer babies etc. Today’s edition of The Edge of Reason Podcast explores the frightening ideas that were proposed, and seemed to find widespread support on the Insight TV show.

These ideas ranged from an Australian ethicist stating that parents have a moral obligation to create the best child possible and that laws banning sex-selection were “profoundly immoral”, to audience members proposing that weeding out unborn human beings based on their level of intelligence or physical abilities was an acceptable thing to do.

The Edge of Reason aims to bring insightful commentary on important issues without taking up too much of your time in the process – each episode of the Edge of Reason is literally only 5 – 10 minutes long.

Listen to today’s edition of the Edge of Reason podcast by clicking below…

This post appeared originally on ProLife.org.nz yesterday.

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