‘Come Party’ to Celebrate Abortion? No Thanks.

This Friday the Queensland pro-abortion lobby are ‘celebrating’ one year since abortion-to-birth was legalised in their state.

Hosted by the Queensland deputy premier, Jackie Trad has invited abortion supporters to ‘come party’ as they commemorate the change in the law.

Throughout the debate on the legislation, pro-abortion MPs reinforced continuously that abortion should be ‘safe, legal and rare’ and that no woman ever looks forward to having an abortion.

Contrastingly, the insensitivity with which these same MPs are ‘celebrating’ abortion shows the stark reality – the pro-abortion lobby does not care about women.

Should we ‘celebrate’ the fact that many women feel they have no choice but to end the life of their baby? Should we ‘celebrate’ abortion coercion? Should we ‘celebrate’ the loss of innocent lives? No.

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