This Friday the Queensland pro-abortion lobby are ‘celebrating’ one year since abortion-to-birth was legalised in their state. Hosted by the Queensland deputy premier, Jackie Trad has invited abortion supporters to ‘come party’ as they commemorate the change in the law. Throughout the debate on the legislation, pro-abortion MPs reinforced continuously
Image: Giovanni Portelli Photography © 2019 Rebecca Gosper recently delivered the keynote address at the Annual Right to Life WA Dinner. Below is an except from her speech. The pro-life movement is not glamourous. It’s hard work, long hours and not a particularly popular cause. But to people like us,
“So what do you do?” The question that I both dread and love to be asked. “I run a pro-life organisation.” What comes next is always fascinating. My very English, very extroverted Uber driver last night was my most recent encounter. “Ah yeah. Abortions are rubbish innit. They did something
“Last month, just a couple of days before news broke about the NSW abortion bill, I was targeted online by vicious bullies. My face was photoshopped onto pornographic images and spread online. This is illegal and was investigated by New South Wales Police. I was targeted because I’m a pro-life
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