IN THE photographs the young mother lies on a clinic bed, her hair obscuring her face. She appears as inert as the baby lying beside her. But 23-year-old Feng Jianmei is still alive, whereas her baby girl is not. The baby was killed while still in the womb by an
I was chatting semi-aimlessly with a lawyer friend the other day when the issue of medical powers of attorney and medical advance directives came up. My friend, often one to blurt out profundities without realising it, said that he objects to patients being asked about whether or not they would

This article is cross-posted from BioEdge. End-of-life care is a phrase associated with gurgling tubes, beeping monitors and flashing lights. But a fledging subspecialty of archaeology is examining how early humans cared for the disabled in their communities. An article in the New York Times this week highlighted the life of a young

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