A euthanasia bill has just passed the final hurdle to become law in Western Australia. Unsurprisingly the Bill was rammed through Parliament after a special sitting was called to bring the debate to a close. Adults in Western Australia will be eligible to access assisted suicide or euthanasia if they
Radical campaigner Andrew Denton has made a fresh call for euthanasia to be legalised in Queensland. In a bizarre interview with the ABC, Mr Denton said “a government’s first duty is to protect its citizens, and the reality is that seven Queenslanders every month are choosing to take their own
Recent data from a Freedom of Information request has revealed that five teenagers are among over 700 women who had their sixth abortion last year. According to Right to Life UK, “data released by the Department of Health for England and Wales and NHS Scotland under the Freedom of Information
An alarming new research poll from Marie Stopes International has just been released. In the study of 2,684 UK women which looked at their openness to speaking about abortion, there were three particularly concerning statistics. 67% of women would not tell a family member they were considering an abortion. 66%
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