What Makes a Person a Person?

Cross-posted from Secular ProLife I have written several articles already giving a robust defense of what a person is. But now I’d like to talk about what I see as a key component to a person. My preferred definition of “person” comes from medieval philosopher Boethius, that a person is an individual substance of a

Baroness Jane Campbell makes case against assisted suicide in the House of Lords UK

Cross-posted from HOPE Baroness Jane Campbell of Surbiton, disability advocate, convenor of NotDeadYet UK and British Peer argued brilliantly in the House of Lords recently against any relaxation of guidelines on prosecutions for assisted suicide in Britain. Her argument holds true for euthanasia also. This report is from the The Telegraph: Recession has heightened euthanasia ‘danger’ to

Zoe’s law ‘misogyny’, say NSW protesters

Cross-posted from The Sydney Morning Herald Decriminalising abortion in NSW will be harder if controversial changes to the Crimes Act, known as Zoe’s law, are passed, critics say. A small band of protesters gathered outside NSW parliament on Thursday, as the bill was debated. They waved banners emblazoned with various slogans, including “Men against misogyny”

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