Medical homicide: telling it as it is

Cross-posted from MercatorNet Perhaps in part because of the dwindling birth rates and a steadily ageing and costly population, it is customary now in Britain for the subject of active euthanasia to be revisited every year. Charles (Lord) Falconer is at it again seeking to legalise medical complicity in homicide. The subject comes before Parliament today. Notwithstanding

Europe Rejects “Human Right to Abortion”

Cross-posted from Secular ProLife Yesterday, in a move heralded by pro-life advocates, the European Union declined to adopt a measure that would have declared abortion to be a human right. If adopted, the proposal would have approved a violation of the right to life, marring the very concept of human rights. Moreover, abortion advocates sought to use

Disabled – “Euthanasia Organ Donors”

Cross-posted from HOPE Belgium is really gearing up its euthanasia followed by organ harvesting regime–and apparently the transplant medical community has no moral qualms. In fact, it has become so morally ho-hum, that it was the subject of discussion at the 21st European Conference on General Thoracic Surgery held in the UK in May. It’s all

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