On Abortion: Child Support

Cross-posted from ProLifeNZ When arguing about abortion, I’ve seen a lot of people claim “sex isn’t a contract.” Other variations of this idea include: Consent to A doesn’t mean consent to B (that is, consent to sex doesn’t mean consent to reproduction). You clearly don’t consent to reproduce if you use birth control. Sex is not

The Key to Avoiding Red Herrings

Cross-posted from Secular ProLife I’m currently reading through a book by John S. Feinberg on modernism and postmodernism*, and he made a claim in his book that I thought would be excellent to share. It’s also a point that I’ve been raising in my presentations on abortion. Feinberg tells us that, in a debate, there

Death Penalty and Innocence

Cross-posted from ProLife NZ Today I’d like to draw your attention to an argument against the death penalty and tie it to euthanasia and abortion. Here it is in brief: There is the chance that an person will be convicted of a crime they aren’t guilty of, and sentenced to the death penalty. Because there is the

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