Bringing the elderly back to life with music

Cross-posted from MercatorNet Caring for patients with dementia will probably be one of the biggest human dignity issues of our century, as the proportion of elderly grows across the globe. It seems disgraceful to warehouse them in nursing homes, but often there are few alternatives. So I was really delighted to see a ray of

How I see the abortion debate now that I’m pregnant.

Cross-posted from Secular ProLife So I’m pregnant. I’ve been relatively active in the pro-life movement for about 8 years now, and I’ve never been pregnant before. I’ve tried to listen attentively to the experiences of mothers in general and pregnant women particularly and understand where they’re coming from. And of course I still think attentive

Aren’t pro-lifers trying to impose morality?

Cross-posted from ProLife NZ Some abortion-rights advocates argue that it is simply wrong for anyone to “force” his or her own view of what is morally right on someone else. Consequently, they argue that pro-lifers, by attempting to forbid women from having abortions, are trying to force their morality on others. What’s wrong with this

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