Aussie ‘Kidz Fashion Week’ to Feature Children with Disabilities

Kidz Fashion Week is a children’s fashion runway event held annually that involves thousands of Australian kids from around the country.

This year the Melbourne event featured several children with special needs.

Founder Terri Svoronos said, “we had two kids in wheelchairs and one Down syndrome boy as well as a couple of kids with Autism – they loved it and we love having them.”

“KIDS ARE KIDS and they all deserve to shine whether they have special needs or not.”

“The joy we see in their family’s faces when they have their turn on the runway is priceless. In a world where they may be totally excluded, we welcome them!”

LifeChoice Australia Director, Rebecca Gosper said, “as part of building a pro-life future for Australia we must embrace every person, regardless of their abilities. Every life is precious and worth celebrating.”

“My hope is that some day the actions of organisations like Kidz Fashion Week will not even be newsworthy. It will be normal and expected as part of a pro-life society.”

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