Abortion Business Furious After Being Denied PPE Reserved for Frontline Doctors


Australia’s largest abortion business, Marie Stopes Australia has announced they may be forced to stop abortions in two weeks.

The business is furious after the health department’s National Medical Stockpile refused to supply them with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is being reserved for medical professionals on the front line of this pandemic. Without PPE, abortions in Australia will stop.

In a statement the business’ chief executive announced “Today a large supplier has cancelled our paid and outstanding order and told us that other healthcare professionals are a greater priority.”

He continued by saying,

“Many PPE suppliers do not consider abortion to be healthcare.”

LifeChoice Australia supports the decision of the Australian Government and private companies to redirect desperately needed PPE to the doctors and nurses who are risking their lives to save Australians.

The PPE suppliers are right – abortion is not healthcare.

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