Abortion and Human Rights FAQ

Abortion and Human Rights FAQ

Bioethics and life issues speaker, Brendan Malone, explores abortion and human rights with a group of students. These questions were asked by the audience following Brendan Malone’s introductory talk on Abortion and Human Rights. To view the video for this talk, click here.

[onethird] [block title=”Do we have the right to terminate and expel a fetus from the womb?”] [/block] [/onethird]

[onethird] [block title=”When is a fetus human?”] [/block] [/onethird]

[onethird] [block title=”Are pro-life people anti-women?”] [/block] [/onethird]

[onethird] [block title=”Is abortion ok for fetal abnormality?”] [/block] [/onethird]

[onethird] [block title=”Shouldn’t women control their bodies?”] [/block] [/onethird]

[onethird] [block title=”Is abortion the answer to overpopulation?”] [/block] [/onethird]

[onethird] [block title=”Should abortion be illegal?”] [/block] [/onethird]

[onethird] [block title=”Is abortion the answer to poverty?”] [/block] [/onethird]

[onethird] [block title=”Mother’s health and well-being”] [/block] [/onethird]

[onethird] [block title=”Abortion and rape”] [/block] [/onethird]

[onethird] [block title=”Mother’s health and well-being”] [/block] [/onethird]

[onethird] [block title=”Judith Jarvis Thompson – The Violinist argument”] [/block] [/onethird]

[onethird] [block title=”Abortion and Human Rights with Brendan Malone – Full talk HD”] [/block] [/onethird]