A Paradigm Shift in Today’s Culture Will See the End of Abortion

Pro-lifers who seek to boost their effectiveness in reducing abortion rates within their circle of influence, usually find themselves forming lobby groups and investing much of their resources into political activism. The means and ends of these efforts are tremendous as they promote abortion as a human rights issue that is brutally being violated.

However, political activism and the formation of lobby groups isn’t the only, and may I state, “best” way to initiate a cultural revolution which moves away from the killing of human babies to the protection of the sanctity of human life.

We need a cultural revolution. A paradigm shift. One which embraces the value of motherhood, family life, human life, human rights and the fullness of the human experience. Therefore, simply changing abortion laws will not see an effective decrease in abortion rates. Rather, the shared desire of all mothers to save their child and the exposure of crises pregnancy support groups will.

Legislation and politics are intended to reflect the cultural paradigm and shared values of the state and/or country, as it is downstream to culture. Therefore, a change in culture will result in a change in the legislative progress.

As pro-lifers, let us engage in this cultural change. Let us be proactive, not reactive in our response to the increase in abortion rates. Let us live in accordance to our belief in the value of human life by living the culture of life. Let us promote a culture that says no to abortion, but a bigger yes to the fullness of the human experience!

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  • Marie

    I know someone personally who almost aborted, but now she has a 2 year old son and me and all my girls love him 🙂 I feel like a large factor in her decision was the support from friends and family, and if more women had that kind of emotional and positive support to reassure them during their dark and isolating moments, I think there’s a high chance abortion rates would significantly drop. Maybe it would help to actively reach out to the women as well and create support groups for decision making? Even if they don’t keep the child for themselves, at least they can be informed of other options.
    Great article!

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