A Daughter’s Death and a Father’s Abortion Pill Battle

Cross-posted from Women’s Forum Australia 

The U.S. Supreme Court recently accepted a case Cline v. Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice,challenging Oklahoma’s regulation of the abortion drug Mifeprex commonly known as mifepristone, RU-486, or The Abortion Pill.

As part of this Supreme Court case, Monty Patterson submitted an Affidavit in support of the “Brief of Women and Families Hurt by RU-486.” Patterson’s daugther Holly tragically died in 2003, seven days after the start of her medically induced abortion, from massive infection known as Clostridium sordellii toxic shock syndrome that was associated with her use of the RU-486 abortion pill. According to Patterson, Holly did not receive accurate and truthful information concerning medical abortion in order to make an informed decision about her safe reproductive healthcare.

For more information on the Supreme Court case and the details of Monty Patterson’s Affidavit, click here.

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